Christmas Gifts for Quilters


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Pattern pictured above is the Brothers Quilt Pattern. 



It's already that time of year! The time of year where we all want to give someone something special. I'm here with a special gift guide today - a modern quilters gift guide. These gifts will be perfect for the quilter in your life. Let's shop!



I am trying really hard to shop small for the most part this year. So, I have gathered a few of my favorite items here for you! Treat yourself or your quilting bestie to something from a small business this year. It's a win - win.

(A quick note - these are all items I have purchased myself and genuinely love. The following small businesses are just amazing people I want to support.)


Cool People Quilt

I have this shirt in the light blue and it is SO soft y'all! The sweatshirt is next on my wishlist. Cool people really do quilt... I love this community!




Noodle & Bee Shirts

Sarah over at Noodle & Bee makes the cutest AND softest shirts for sewists and quilters. I have the QuiIty Mama shirt and I wear it weekly! It's my favorite. 




Project Wool Pressing Mat

I didn't know what I was missing out on with these mats! I saw several people using them, and finally bought one for myself. They really do make your seams SUPER flat and crisp. For real. Quilty friends don't let quilty friends have janky seams. 



Lamb & Loom Clapper

Speaking of flat seams... have you tried a tailor's clapper? This is another tool I didn't know I needed. These tailor's clappers are handmade by Linli's husband right here in Texas. They really make your seams lay flatter while also reducing the risk of burning your fabric with your iron. The clapper will hold the heat so that seam is good to go! These sell out fast so make sure you're on her list for the restock.



Modern American Vintage Tools

Ok this is a gift for that friend that you REALLY love. These quilting tools are beautiful! I have a full set of the hera marker, corner turn and the seam ripper. I never feel bad leaving them out in the studio because they look like decoration they are so gorgeous. 



Thread Cutterz

These snips have come in handy more than once for me. There are several formats but my favorite is the retractable snips you see here. You can clip them anywhere and always know where your snips are! These have been handy for hand quilting and also for english paper piecing. 


Small Circle Studio Pin Cushion

I bought this little pin cushion for myself at the last QuiltCon and it makes me SO happy every time I get it out. It's so special and completely handmade. The ceramic base is hand thrown and the fabric is hand printed. Currently the white bases are sold out but she has the same cushion with a black base that is gorgeous. If you want to be kept in the loop you can follow @the_small_circle on Instagram or sign up for their newsletter. They have so many options so make sure you check them out. These are definitely a treat for yourself or your bestie. 


Sewn Quilt Patterns

I can't give you a complete gift list without also recommending my patterns right? They are available in digital AND paper now so you can either ship a pattern directly to your bestie or have it emailed to them! 



Rotary Blade Refills

If you are up for getting crafty - give this a try! This is a super simple way to treat your quilt friend to some refill rotary blades in a fun way. Everyone loves to have blades on hand because nobody remembers to change them as often as they should - right?! Get yourself some classic puff paint, add a wreath, a bow and some twine to the case - you're done! 



Clover Clips

Again - a tool that is always helpful. Clover sells these in a green as well so I feel like there is another crafty way to make a wreath here too. These make a perfect, inexpensive gift. 



Rotating Cutting Mat

This is one of my favorite tools in my studio. I tote it all over the house for easy trimming while we watch TV. It cuts your trimming time down so much! It's like giving someone the gift of time basically!



Stripology Ruler

Ok this is a bigger treat, but if you REALLY love your friend give them one of these. I waited too long to treat myself to this tool. This cut my cutting time for the Living Room Quilt Pattern almost in half. SO helpful!!



I hope you enjoyed this gift guide! My hope is that this is a good list to keep bookmarked for any occasion. These would all make great gifts for any time of the year! If you need to drop a hint make sure you forward it to your significant other or friends so they will know what you are hoping for. 



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