Podcast + Sewing = Perfect Pair!


I love to have something on in the background when I am working. Don't you? The day I discovered Podcasts made for a much happier sewing room. For me, music just doesn't cut it some days. Podcasts provide a way for me to learn while I quilt!

Full disclosure - I didn't even know what Podcasts were or how to listen to them until about a month ago. (I probably shouldn't admit that!) I assumed when I heard others talking about them it was something you had to pay for or subscribe to. They are FREE folks! 

If you have an iPhone you already have the app on your phone by default. My favorite app is called Overcast. It allows you to divide your Podcasts into playlists. Depending on my mood I can open up any of my playlists: News, Story Telling, Beauty, Interviews, News or Sewing + Business.  



Here are my favorites:


Up First - I have given up on watching the news on TV! This podcast is super short and only provides you with the highlights you need to stay in touch with the happenings in the world.


Story Telling:

The Moth - Each week you will hear 3-4 different stories by all different people around the world. 

Harry Potter and the Sacred Texts - Chapter by chapter the hosts walk through the Harry Potter books discussing what principles and ideas we can learn and apply in our daily lives.

Homecoming - A super intriguing story! Each episode will have you on the edge of your seat while you try to piece together what is happening... I really can't give you any more details : )


Just for Fun:

The Popcast - This one is my all-time favorite!! I have gone back and listened to most of the archived episodes. Knox + Jamie breakdown pop culture to "educate you on things that entertain but do not matter" 

Anna Farris is Unqualified - Anna interviews other celebs in a laid back and casual atmosphere. This podcast is definitely not one you want to have on with the kiddos around ; )



How I Built This - Extremely inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs who grew some of the largest companies in the world! Just a few examples: Spanx, Instagram, Lyft, etc. 

Women's Work - Tsh Oxenreider interviews a different woman each week to find out more about their career and the story behind their passion for what they do.


Lifestyle + Fashion:

The Simple Show - Tsh Oxenreider discusses with several different co-hosts ways to start living simply. 

What Should I Read Next - This Podcast has made my library hold-request list super long! Each week, Ann Bogel interviews a fellow reader or author and they discuss what books to read next.

Fat Mascara - I am not a big make-up person but I love listening to these two co-hosts discuss the newest trends in beauty! 


Sewing + Business:

Creative Women's League - Each week Kate interviews a different creative on their creative journey. I always find these episodes encouraging as a fellow creative small biz. 

Creative Empire - Also a super encouraging and inspiring for small business owners. What I really love about this podcast is that they discuss the real legal and financial side of small creative business. They provide some WONDERFUL resources for small business owners!

Hashtag Authentic - Sarah keeps you up to date on the latest trends in Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms. She breaks down all the latest changes in the algorithm to help you stay up to date!


Well... that should definitely provide you with a few options! If you are already an avid podcast listener - PLEASE let me know in the comments what your favorites are! I am always on the hunt for a new one.

Happy listening!



P.S. If you are thinking, "I don't have time to listen to podcasts!" A recent tip I heard on The Simple Show is to use your earbuds with just one earbud in. I used to dread grocery shopping, but now I pop one of my earbuds in and before I know it the shopping is done. I put them away before I get to the check out to make sure I am still present to say hello to my checker, but while I am shopping it is a great distraction!


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