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Hey there! I revisited the Sunroom Quilt Pattern this week to make a new all hanging for the guest bedroom. Today I am sharing a free tutorial for you to make your own! 



  • For the circles and half-circles you could use three different colors, scraps, fat quarts or all one color. If you go with one color you will only need about ⅛ yard. See pattern for templates and cut sizes.
  • Background: ½ yard
  • Batting: Approximately 20" x 28" scrap (This leaves you extra - you could go smaller)
  • Backing: 14 ½" x 23 ½" scrap





  • Follow the cutting instructions for the half circles in the Sunroom Quilt Pattern including the small 1 ½" strips you will need for either side of the top half circle and the bottom full circle.
  • From the background:
    • Cut ( 2 ) 2 ½" x 23 ½" for sides
    • Cut ( 2 ) 3 ½" x 10 ½" for top and bottom





  • Assemble the half circles as instructed in the quilt pattern
  • Sew the 1 ½" pieces onto either side of the top half circle and the bottom full circle
  • Once the circles are all sewn together - sew the top and bottom background pieces on
  • Next sew on the side pieces

For tips for sewing curves check out this blog post!




  • I chose to do quilt facing on my wall hanging. This means I basted my wall hanging top to the batting and quilted it. 
  • Next, with right sides together I sewed around the perimeter leaving an opening at the bottom. 
  • Turn it right sides out, making sure to poke out the corners. Hand sew the wall hanging closed.


If you're look for the perfect hanger frame for your new wall hanging or quilt check out this company: Quilt Hanger Frames. They make GORGEOUS, high quality frames. If you would like an alternative this one is also great. I have both!



You're done! Super simple and easy wall hanging tutorial. Don't forget to share your wall hanging with me on Instagram. I can't wait to see yours!


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