The Sewn Story

The Journey 

It all started when my mom taught my sister and I to quilt when I was 16 years old. I made quilts for all my best friends as graduation gifts and then packed up my machine for college. While studying Interior Design in college I continued sewing, but taught myself how to reupholster some basic furniture and make decorative pillows for my apartment.

After graduating, I worked in high end residential interior design at a small firm in Fort Worth, TX. After six years I was totally burned out. After a break I realized my favorite part of the job was working with custom painters, upholsterers and drapery workrooms. Watching them work with their hands inspired me to get back to my sewing machine.

I started by making easter baskets, baby shoes and quilts that I sold at markets and online. But a lot of time goes into making custom, handmade goods. I found out I was expecting twins in 2018, I realize I needed to shift my business model.

I started designing quilt patterns and the rest is history! I feel in love with the process and I loved what I was making. Designing modern quilt patterns units my two passions - interior design and quilting. 

The Inspiration

The history of quilting can be dated as far back of 3400 BCE and has been passed down for thousands of years. Throughout history each artist has crafted their own version. There are art quilts, improv quilts, traditional quilts and even painted quilts!

Hours go into making a quilt so making one that can be displayed in your home is what motivates me. I pull fabrics and design my patterns in my own aesthetic so that they coordinate with the rooms in my home.

The Sewn Home series is the work I am the most proud of. It's where I feel like I honed my style and created a series of modern quilt patterns that I love with my whole heart. Each pattern was designed and named after a room in my own home and for that reason they will always be special to me. 

The Process

I start by drawing my quilts in Illustrator, pull fabrics from my stash to make a mock-up. Then I sew up the baby size version of the quilt while also writing my pattern. Once the rough draft is complete it goes to a tech editor who checks math, spelling, etc.

After those changes are made the pattern goes to a handful of pattern testers who make a version of the quilt and send me feedback or any more corrections that are needed. They bring the pattern to life! I love this step in the process. 

I make two or three versions of the pattern myself and usually design a few quilt kits with some online fabric shops. I prefer to work with solids that match the room I am designing the quilt for. I love working with solids so that the quilt pattern is the actually pattern you see rather than the business of each fabric in the quilt. I prefer to save patterned fabrics for the backs of my quilts. 

After I get all my feedback - the pattern is released into the world and I get to see what you all do with them! It is so inspiring and fulfilling to see what you all do with my patterns. I am truly grateful every time you share with me! 


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