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Surface pattern design by definition is a pattern that is created to repeat seamlessly on any surface such as wallpaper, fabric, etc. My love of interior design and quilting has always returned me to this dream. My dream is to become a surface pattern designer. I want to see my own designs come to life on fabric, wallpaper, rugs, journals and anywhere else it takes me!


Above are some branch sketches and a wallpaper that is available on my Spoonflower shop.


Here are just a few small examples of where you might see a repeating piece of artwork used:





This has been a confusing topic when I mention it to people since I am currently a quilt pattern designer. I thought it would be best to write up a blog and explain the process with some examples. I am shifting my business in 2024 from a focus on quilt pattern design to surface pattern design. 



I took my first class from Bonnie Christine back in 2019 when I joined her very first Immersion Course. Then I have joined almost every year since. In the course I learned how to digitize my artwork and create patterns that repeat seamlessly in Adobe Illustrator so that they may be printed on different substrates. 


Here's an example of something I created in the course this year. I went for my normal morning walk and noticed these flowers blooming in our neighborhood park. I snapped a few photos and did a few sketches later from those sketches. 



I scanned them in, digitized them and created a repeating pattern. At the end of the course we were gifted a notebook with one of our patterns so I used this pattern. I will never forget the day I got this from my mailbox. I was so excited to see my design on a product. 


A journal I had printed with my modern floral design on it. You can also purchase this print on Spoonflower!


I opened my Spoonflower shop in 2019, but neglected it for a long time. I've updated with a few pieces I created during the Immersion course. You can check out those designs here!



The final step in the course is designing a full collection. I was having a hard time finding inspiration for a full collection, but one day I decided to just start creating things I loved and would love to see in my own home. These motifs all came to life from my iPad during an online conference I attended.



The Home collection was born! You can see one colorway of the collection below and see the other here!



Later, I was trying to come up with my next collection and I heard Bonnie say that the boy fabric industry is underserved. Something clicked in my brain! I'm surrounded by boys! Why not design three mini collections based on their personalities?! So off I went and these three collections were created with my full heart. 

 Above is the collection for Oliver, but you can see the full collection here!


What's next? I keep designing and start reaching out to art directors with my portfolio. My biggest goal for 2024 is to get at least one licensing deal and go from there. I still love quilting, but I find myself way more inspired and excited to paint, sketch and design fabric so I'm following that dream. Following that wonder! 




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  • Rose Saylin on

    Surface pattern design seems like it would work for designing hand or machine quilting designs.

  • Julie Olson on

    How do I incorporate these designs into a quilt? What are some ideas of how to use the fabric?

  • Kasie on

    You have quite a gift for pattern design! Your sketches are beautiful and exactly what I’d want to see in my home too. Keep it up!

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