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I have been teasing this little studio tour forever it seems. Honestly - it's just been hard to get clean photos without all the mess. Today is the day! 
When we moved into this house the office was completely empty. For several months we worked with a DIY craft table we made and a pair of IKEA shelves - yikes. Check out the before!
We needed to get this space functional as soon as possible because my husband and I both work for ourselves. We needed a space that we could both work out of. 
Alright - here is where I started with my inspiration:
This gorgeous little work space is designed by Rosa Beltran Design
If your local to DFW I highly recommend using 4C Cabinetry! I could go on and on about how wonderful they were. Jamie (the owner) has been in the industry for years and knew exactly what I wanted as soon as I explained it.
The after... TA DA! 
I originally planned to purchase a new desk, but I found this fabulous paint instead. It's holding up really well so far! The benefit of this paint is it doesn't require any primer. I did three coats on this desk, but that is only because the desk was white and going black required several layers. 
The back wall is where I placed the main work area for each of us. My husband has one side and I have the other. I also started the floating shelves up slightly higher than the bottom of the cabinets for head space. I specifically planned to have a fabric cutting area between our two work spaces. These shelves are also slightly more shallow to avoid head bumps!
We each got a TON of storage space. Yes - the upper cabinets are super high but I always opt for more storage then a dust shelf above the upper cabinets. 
Here is how I organize my space. The top two shelves are for interior design resources. (I haven't unpacked them all just yet!) The bottom two shelves are fabric and sewing. I organize my fabric by color so I knew I wanted these to be clear bins. Here is a link to a similar storage bin.
I also find is SUPER helpful to organize each of my current projects into bins. These clear scrapbook boxes are perfect for holding my fabric pulls, backing and batting for my quilts while I am working on them. 
I am also in LOVE with these divided lazy susans. I got a large and a small. The large is what you see above that holds my scissors, basting pins, quilting tools, etc. 
The other function I new I wanted was storage for the printer. I designed this cabinet to divide each of our desk spaces.
Above the printer drawer is another storage drawer for all our office supplies and a stack of printer paper. I used these drawer dividers to organize everything.
We also have this additional closet for storage. I know it's not pretty, but I spend a lot of time organizing it all so I figured I should share. I hang my rulers on the door with little metal hooks. When I unpacked all the office boxes I sorted EVERYTHING into categories and then put them into all the random bins we had accumulated once I could actually see the volume of each category. 
I use a smaller divided lazy susan in my closet for all the tools I use to iron. I also took a minute to rainbowtize my thread on the wood spool storage and I have to admit - I find the color I need faster now. It sounds silly, but it's also much more pleasing to look at.
It goes without saying that we LOVE our new space. It functions so, so well for us to work in here. The desk floating out in the middle of the room allows for the perfect Work Triangle for me. I can stand and cut my fabric or pin my pieces together, pivot to sew and roll right over to my ironing board. I usually set it up right next to my sewing machine. 
Currently I hang my design wall up with command strips as needed. This isn't ideal so I am eyeing this temporary design wall I can set up when needed. 
I hope this little tour inspires you get your workspace in order. With my personality type - I cannot be creative in a messy space. I needed everything to have a home! Have I mentioned how much we love this space?! (SO MUCH!)

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    Can you please tell us the paint you used? Thank you! Happy Easter!

  • Nanny on

    I love this !! I too love for everything to have a place and be in it !!

  • Paula on

    That temporary design wall is great!!!

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