Five Intermediate Modern Quilt Patterns

Above is the Living Room Quilt Pattern. The only reason I'm calling this intermediate is because it has some slightly tricky ruler work. But it is very repetitive so once you make your first cuts, it's simple. 



Today I've got a short and simple post where I'm consolidating my top five intermediate level quilt patterns. These are all great if you want to hone your skills or learn a new one. Let's jump in! 



This is the Rooflines Quilt Pattern and again the only reason I'm saying this one is intermediate is the ruler work. I would say a confident beginner could handle this pattern. It's repetitive again so once you do the first block - just repeat!


The Natural Harmony Quilt Pattern. Everyone is scared of sewing their first curves. Raising my own hand here. Curves are slight trick, but I've also go this little blog post where I share some simple tips to help. Again, this is repetitive pattern so once you make the first one all you do is repeat it over and over. You can do this! 
This is one of my earliest quilt patterns. The Italian Tiles Quilt Pattern. I'm calling this one intermediate because there are just so many steps! It's probably the longest quilt pattern I've written as in - it takes the longest to assembly. There are a lot of different components. 
The Sunroom Quilt Pattern is another one where you get some practice on curves. I promise you can do this! This one really is beginner friendly because there are not that many curves. This one also includes some half circles, but there is lots of room for trimming so you have room to square everything up if things get wonky! 
That's a wrap! I hope you'll try one of them. They are all really ready for a confident beginner if you as me. I like to repeat simple shapes so most of them allow for some great practice! Take the leap - you've got this! 

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