Sewn Home Series: Playroom Quilt Pattern

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The Playroom Quilt pattern is here! This pattern is the second to release in the Sewn Home Series. 



I love how playful this pattern is without being overly complicated.  This is a simple and easy pattern! It's the perfect beginner quilt. 


Do you recognize that backing? I finally made use of my Itajime Shibori fabrics. Read more about that process here.

I have made this quilt four times and every time I am surprised at how fast it comes together.

Fun Fact: This pattern was actually the very first one I designed for the series. I knew I wanted it to be called the Playroom Quilt because it reminds me of the stacking blocks we have for the boys in their playroom. 



I love that you could shift all these blocks around and come up with a different quilt top every time if you wanted to. They create so many fun patterns when they are all together!

The blue and white version you see above is the crib size quilt. I have also been using it in the stroller almost every day now that the weather has cooled off. Can I start calling it a Stroller Size instead of Crib or Baby? It really does fit perfectly around both of them in our double Bob.



Now this quilt kit will be available soon from Lamb & Loom - but isn't available quite yet. It brings me all the Fall/Winter vibes. I pulled these fabrics knowing I was going to gift this quilt top to my sister in law and her partner for Christmas. As the quilt was coming together I kept thinking... well maybe I should just keep it. I love it so much, but alas it will be getting wrapped and shipped off as a gift. I guess I will just have to make another one for myself.





Quilt Kits Available Now:

There are so many gorgeous kits available for this quilt. Check out all of these wonderful online quilt shops to purchase the kit after you have purchase the pattern here.



I love the gold and white, but they are also caring all of these two color versions as kits as well! How will you ever decide?! They would all be beautiful!




This gorgeous pink and green combo makes me so happy! Check out this quilt kit from Fabric Stork and grab one before they are gone! 

Image preview






 Pattern Testers:

As always - we can't forget about my wonderful pattern testers. I hope these inspire you as much as they inspire me!


This first one is by Shannon Killham (@Beachmamamade) Look at this little nugget! I love this color combo. I'm adding it to my to-do list. It's just perfect!


This next one is by Christine (@lopolokko) and just take a look at all that color. I love how the vibrant floral balances with the white. It's gorgeous!



Look at this additional gold and white combo by Ama @thevibrantpixel. I love how vibrant the gold is against the white. It's giving me all the sunshine vibes!



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  • Margaret on

    How much fabric do I need if I am making a 2 color queen size or full quilt? I bought this pattern but it does not have fabric requirements.

  • Chantal Galarneau on

    I bought the playroom pattern,I would like to know what kind of template you used to do the quilting for the white and black model?

  • Jo Nan Gibson on

    Good morning,
    I purchased this pattern and love it. Trying to make the pattern with the baby on the green and white quilt. Do you know if she made the blocks a different size, I am trying to color each block but it is not working out any house greatly appreciated.

  • Amy on

    Mary Jo – I believe the quilting design on the black and white is called fence rail. Hope that helps!

  • Mary Jo Moody on

    I am finishing up this quilt for my new grandson who is due in December! I am a pretty new quilter (and have never done triangles!) but this quilt has been really easy! I didn’t realize I would have to trim all the squares but I feel like it will be neater that way! I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the pattern you used to quilt the black and white quilt? I’m sure my quilter will know but I was hoping I could tell her ahead of time! Thank you and love your quilts!

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