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Hi, sewing friends!

My quilt guild recently set a challenge for everyone to make their own name-tag. I scrolled through Pinterest for quite a while and didn't find anything that I really loved. Also, it's been a while since I finished up that English paper piecing quilt and I was actually missing the hand stitching. SO - I thought "Why don't I just use EPP?!"

Here is how I put mine together. If you make one and share it on Instragram, tag me! I want to see what you create!


Materials I used:

  • Front Fabric - Solid Kona Snow (My favorite white!) + Robert Kaufman Essex Linen
  • Back Fabric - Cotton + Steel 
  • Fusible Interfacing (for back and front)
  • English Paper Pieces (shape is up to you!)
  • Fabric Glue (permanent)
  • Typical sewing supplies (scissors, thread, needle, iron, thread conditioner etc.)



Simply prep your English paper piecing pieces as you would normally and get them laid out how you like. This is how I chose:


Stitched it all together:


After you remove the papers, cut a piece of fusible interfacing that will fit the front of your nametag shape and fuse it to the back.

I have never tried to embroider anything so I wanted to give it a shot. Here is the video I found to be most helpful! 


My name only has three letters so it was easiest to center each letter on each piece. I think you could easily space your name over all the pieces no matter how many letters! (Or obviously, if you use different EPP shapes - you could use more shapes to fit all the letters of your name!)

Here is how it turned out! (Don't look too closely) I really like how it came together. I lightly traced the letters in pencil onto the fabric and then stitched over it.

Next, you will need to attach the fusible interlining to the backing fabric. Once it has cooled, cut a piece of the backing that is 1/4" larger than the front piece.

I cut little slits at each of the corners to make it easier to press over. (And yes - that is a measuring tape band-aid. Thanks Mom!)

I pressed all these individual little flaps down to create a clean edge on the backing. This is also when I used the glue along with some clover clips to keep it in place as it dried.

Once the edges were dry - I simply glued the two haves together! 

I love how it turned out!! I hope this was helpful and sparked your creative juices. 



Happy crafting friends!


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