Five Beginner Quilt Patterns


Today I'm keeping it really simple and sharing five of my favorite, beginner-friendly, modern quilt patterns. If you're just starting out - these are the perfect ones for you! 


Mudroom Quilt Pattern

This quilt pattern is great for beginners because it is repetitive and includes some super simple blocks. There also aren't many colors that need to be selected, so that keeps things super simple!


Leaded Light Quilt Pattern

I know I shouldn't choose favorites but this is my favorite! (Shh... don't tell the others!) This pattern includes several options for layout so you could use a variety of colors. The assembly is super simple and repetitive so once you get in the groove - you're golden!


Perfect Placement Quilt Pattern

This pattern is also very repetitive and the only challenge I would say is staying organized so all your blocks end up in the right place. This modern quilt pattern is also perfect for showing off any prints you want to see! 


Playroom Quilt Pattern

This is another one of my all time favorite quilt patterns. It's so simple and repetitive. There is a lot of room left for trimming so your blocks end up square! I also love that it's only two colors so the decision making process is super easy up front. 


Close-Knit Quilt Pattern

This pattern is starting to become a favorite of mine just because I love how many varieties there are! You can choose so many different colors for this quilt and it looks totally different. It makes a pretty big baby size quilt which I also love! I've made this one quite a few times and am always pleasantly surprised with how fast it goes!



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  • Jill on

    I just purchased the Mudroom Quilt pattern – so excited to start! By chance do you still have the names of the fabrics you used for the black and white and grey? Thank so much!

  • Jackie Southam on

    I made the playroom quilt pattern and I’m so pleased with it, went together like a dream.
    Mine is in white, mustard and gre

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