Modern Quilting Designs to Try at Home

Hi friends! Today might be the shortest blog post for you as far as text goes. I'm going to visually share a few of my go-to quilting designs as of lately. The next time your trying to decide on a quilting design for your modern quilt - try one of these! I promise you can easily do them all on your machine at home. 

1. Horizontal with 60 Degree

Start with 1 ½" - 2" horizontal quilting. Then use a 60 degree ruler to mark your quilt in one direction all the way across the top. Use the same spacing you used before for the 60 degree lines - 1 ½"-2".


I used this design on a Christmas version of the Living Room Quilt Pattern.

2. 60 Degree Triangles


Do exactly the steps in the first quilting option above, but add a second 60 degree line going in the other direction. This time aiming for each intersection of the lines you already have. 


3. Curved Corner 

Start from one corner. Use something small to start your curves. I used a small wooden puzzle piece. Then use a guide on your walking foot to follow the quilting all the way across. This gets easier with the bigger the circles get. I used 1 ½" spacing again.

Here is a baby size Sunroom Quilt Pattern that I used this quilting design for.

3. 4" Boxed Plaid

Quilt your quilt with 4" horizontal lines, and then in 4" vertical lines. Then go back and add a ½" quilting to one side of each line. 

I used the 4" Boxed Plaid on this baby size Mudroom Quilt Pattern.  

5. 60 Degree Plaid

Quilt your horizontal lines. I chose to do these 3" apart. Next, add the ½" lines to one side. Then use your 60 degree ruler to add the ½" lines in that direction as well.



Which one are you most excited to try?! Tell me in the comments!


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  • Dorsi on

    Thank you for this post, it gives me so many more options to try! I am probably most excited to try the 60 degree triangle or the 4" box block.

  • Theresa on

    Thanks! I’m a beginner machine quilter and these designs look totally doable! Can’t wait to try them out!

  • Yvonne Farraway on

    I love the curved quilting! I want to try this one.

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