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Kicking off this series of patterns with the heart of the home - The Living Room. For my family, the living room is where most of our living really happens.  

This is the room in our house that is full of family photos, comfy pillows and tons of quilts! Currently the sofa serves as a jungle gym for the boys, but I love to picture all of us snuggled up here together one day.



These bookcases are another reason I love this room of our home. My favorite part of designing a space is the bookshelves. To me - this is always where the character of the home comes out. This is where you display all your favorite photos, books you have read or are waiting to read, or objects you have collected when you travel. These are the items that tell your story! 


Photo by Nikki Caviness Photography 


When we moved into this house we had to order a new rug for our living room. I love the rug I found, but at first it shed like crazy! The boys were still crawling and really hated the fuzz that would get all over their hands. I knew I needed a quilt for them to hang out on. I designed this quilt for our living room, but that doesn't mean it can only be used in here. 




This pattern is also available in baby size, throw size and bed size. I chose these sizes specifically because they are the most popular sizes to make for a quilt that will be used around the house. I love how this baby size turned out!



I used this Hope Johnson fabric for the accent pieces. I had to fussy cut these little strips to get them to run horizontally, but it was worth the extra labor. These little prints are just so sweet! To use fat quarters or create the multicolored stripe you can simple divide the total number of 1" strips you need by the number of colors you want. Add up the total number of each color and that is how many inches you need to order of each color.




For this beauty I used fat quarters. I doubled the number of strips and divided by the number of colors. ( You have to sew the strips together end to end - that's why you need double! ) Then you can proceed with the rest of the pattern instructions as stated. This is a quilt kit that is exclusively available at Lamb & Loom.




I love the earthy natural colors of this quilt. It has quickly become one of my very favorites. It may end up finding a home in our bedroom instead of the living room. I love it so, so much!





Now for a little inspiration from my pattern testers! Check these beauties out!



By Wendy Bermingham on Instagram as @wendybzquilting 


By Megan Bauer on Instagram @bauer.ftw



By Kaitlin Turek on Instagram @kaitlinmay88


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  • Susan on

    I love this quilt and am going to buy your pattern! What colours did you use for the dark one?

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