Quilting with Triangles


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I was very nervous to start sewing with triangles just because they can be so tricky, but not to fear! There are a few tips and tricks that can help the process go a little smoother. 



This is definitely the most important rule. Fabric is very stretchy on the bias and creating and angled edge can make things go wonky really fast. I try to handle my any angled pieces as little as possible. 


Tip #2: NO STEAM

Turn the steam setting off on your iron. If your iron doesn't offer that option consider a new iron if you can! I have never regretting investing in a new iron. I don't plan on ever buying a new one unless my Rowenta completely stops working.



I have tried with and without starch and I do think that starch gives you a little stronger hold. I have found my seams are more accurate when the top is completely done if I use starch. If you go this route make sure you use the starch on the entire piece of fabric before any cutting is done. This is my favorite starch for quilting!


Tip #4: PIN PIN PIN!

Use your straight pins. I have a terrible habit of going straight to the machine because I am so excited to get sewing! Don't fall into that trap. Pin your pieces together so you know you have everything lined up. This will also help the weave of the fabric avoid the extra pull as you go through your machine.




I don't know if this is a traditional method, but if your machine comes with one I would recommend using it. My pieces glide much smoother through the machine when I use my walking foot. It keeps all the layers together and also avoids that tug on the weave of the fabric I mentioned in Tip #4. 



Now that you are ready to be a pro at quilting with triangles why don't you give the Living Room Quilt Pattern a try? I have made several versions of this quilt! At first I was worried it would feel tedious, but it really doesn't. Hence the reason I have made four (and counting!). This pattern requires a 60º Triangle ruler. This is the ruler that I use and LOVE!


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  • MB on

    When I sew triangles, I don’t use pins anymore. I use Elmer’s glue with an ultra thin plastic point on it, then press it with a dry iron. They come out so accurate!

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