Living Room Quilt: Wall Hanging & Mini Quilt Tutorial


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I love the Living Room Quilt Pattern so much and so did one of my pattern testers. Today on the blog we have a guest blogger - Megan Bauer. 

Before I pass it over to her for her wall hanging tips. Here is the wall-hanging I made with my leftover triangle units. I used 2 ½" borders and four of my leftover triangles. 

This little beauty ended up being 12" x 26". While I was assembling this I realized it would also make a great little lumbar pillow. Just another idea to throw out!





Alright here is Megan's tutorial for her wall hanging version of the Living Room Quilt Pattern. You can find Megan on Instagram @bauer.ftw or online here!






Mini finishes at 28 ¾” x 16 ¼" 

Required Fabric: 

Background - ½ Yard 
Accent - ¼ Yard 

Backing - ½ Yard 
Binding - ⅛ Yard 


You will need to cut the fabric for two strip sets, as instructed in the pattern. Refer to the pattern for the exact widths. 
For the background, you will need two of the wide strips and 6 of the smaller strips. 
For the accent fabric, you will need 8 strips. 

Sub cut Binding into: 
2) 2 ¼ x WOF 



In order to create this mini quilt, you will need two strip sets, as made in the pattern.  Piece these two strip sets as instructed in the pattern. 



Use the triangle ruler and cut the strip sets as instructed in the pattern.  Cut the first triangle with the point down, then cut the next triangle with the point up and the stripes at the base.  Set aside all the triangles with the stripes at the base. 



On the side of the STRIPES, measure 10 ¼” from the left bottom corner.  Place the triangle ruler with the point down, and the cutting edge of the ruler lining up with the 10 ¼” mark.  This will create a trapezoid with the short edge measuring 10 ¼”.  



Trim your trapezoid to be 8 ½” in width.  Be sure to trim the long side, or the side that is background.  You should trim off about ½”. 

Cut another triangle with the stripes at the base and a fourth triangle with the stripes at the tip.  Repeat all cutting instructions for the second strip set. 


Lay out a trapezoid with two triangles on either side, with all stripes going towards the top. 



Carefully match the stripes of one triangle to one side of the trapezoid and pin each stripe.  The more careful you are about matching the stripes, pinning them, and sewing them slowly, the more your mini will look seamless.  Repeat this process for the triangle on the other side of the trapezoid, and then for the two triangles and the other trapezoid.  Press all seams open. 



Once the triangles and trapezoids are sewn, carefully match the seams to sew the two halves together.  Start by pinning in the middle and working your way out to one side and then the other.  Since you’ll be working with some bias edges, you will have some wiggle room to make the seams align.  After pinning the two halves together, begin sewing them together, again starting in the middle and working your way out.  When sewing the second side, be sure to overlap the beginning of the middle seam to secure the middle.  Press your center seam open and your mini quilt top is done! 



Layer your backing, batting, and mini quilt top and baste in your preferred method.  Quilt as you desire.  To make the binding, remove the selvages on the two strips and sew together on the short ends.  Press the length of the strips in half and bind onto your mini quilt with your preferred method. 



Ta-dah!  Your quilt top is done!  There are lots of different ways to hang mini quilts, but my favorite is to use velcro command strips.  I use the ones that are meant to hang photos in frames.  The adhesive is strong, but does not damage the fabric and the velcro holds the quilt without any problems! 



I’d love to see your finished mini quilt!  Tag us on Instagram(@bauer.ftw & @sewnhandmade ) so we can see! 


These instructions are based on the assembly instructions for the Living Room Quilt Pattern. Purchase the pattern today and get started on your mini or wall hanging! 


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