Quilt Binding Five Ways



Hello quilters!

I always love getting to that last phase of making a quilt - the binding. The majority of the time I hand stitch my binding down with an invisible stitch, but lately I have been getting out of my comfort zone. 


If you're looking for inspiration - today I am sharing five ways you can bind your quilts. I hope this gets your creative juices flowing! (Since typing this up I have decided that on my next quilt I might try a decorative machine stitch for the binding. Yes? No?)



1. Invisible Hand Sewn

I like the clean look of this binding. It goes fairly quickly for me! I also like the meditative quality of this process. It gives me time to think, zone out or watch Gilmore Girls.


2. Machine Binding 

I am honestly not a fan of this because it usually shows on both sides. I have tried to stitch in the ditch, but it just doesn't look as clean to me. However, this is a great and VERY fast option if you are on a deadline!


3. Blanket Stitch 

This was a new one for me. I did this to finish my latest Sunroom Quilt. I really love the cozy little detail it adds. I used a very heavy weight thread. I also recommend going with a contrasting color so it really pops. You don't want to do all that work and not have it stand out!


4. Big Stitch

I think this one is really playful! I used a solid fabric for the binding on this quilt and the big stitch really adds some interest. I love the pop of yellow! Again I would do a contrasting color so that your stitches stand out. Show it off!


5. Scrappy Binding 

I really hate wasting fabric and this one left me with a lot of leftovers. I used all the remaining scraps and pieced together a scrappy binding. It worked out really well since the front is so colorful! I used an invisible hand stitch. 


Let me know if you give any of these a try!


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