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Here we are! The third pattern in the Sewn Home Series - The Sunroom Quilt Pattern.  

So far all the patterns have been influenced by real rooms in my home. Each pattern was designed to be displayed in the room that is its namesake. However, we don't have an actual Sunroom in this house. I dream of someday having a true sunroom full of unique and beautiful plants. For now I'll settle for our sunny dining room. 



This space is a little sun box! All three walls are covered in gigantic, open windows. I love this room. It's always bright - even on the cloudy days. When we don't have busy, toddler twins running around there will be a ton of plants in here. 




I have already started my plant collection and I don't plan to stop. Did you know that house plants help to purify the air in your home naturally? 




When I sketched this quilt pattern I couldn't help but to also see bowls and plates in this pattern. (Fun fact: It was almost called The Kitchen Quilt!) So, it's fitting that my version of a sunroom is also my dining room. 

Traditionally a sunroom usually acts as an inside patio of sorts. I daydream of a room with windows as walls and a big comfy porch glider. I could curl up with a book and some tea - rain or shine!



This bright and lovely version is available as a quilt kit from Lamb and Loom! Purchase you copy of the Sunroom Quilt Pattern today. Then jump on over to Lamb and Loom and get your kit so you can make one too!



As always I can't forget my wonderful testers! I hope you find some inspiration in these for your version of the Sunroom Quilt Pattern. Please share your completed quilt with me on Instagram so I can see!



This version is by Meredith Purcell (@pointersinlabrador). I love seeing all that snow! 


This quilt by Rachel Amari (@quiltsforallsparrows)


This colorful quilt by Denise King (@dmking52512)


Share your version of the Sunroom Quilt Pattern with me on Instagram so I can see! Tag me @sewnhandmade and use the hashtags #sewnhomeseries #sunroomquiltpattern 

I can't wait to see!


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