Sewn Scandinavian Series: Natural Harmony Quilt Pattern

Scandinavian Series Sewn Quilt Patterns

The quilt shown above is available as a quilt kit in my shop here!


Here we are with the release of the second pattern in the Sewn Scandinavian Quilt Pattern Series! This pattern series is all about Scandinavian design and each modern quilt pattern is inspired by a different principle of this unique design style. 



The quilt above is available as a kit from Lamb & Loom Fabrics.


The Natural Harmony Quilt Pattern is inspired by nature. I would say the leading influence in Scandinavian design is nature. True Scandi design originates from the Nordic Countries. While this design style can appear stark or bare, there is also a lot of warmth created by the materials that are used. 


The quilt above is available as a quilt kit from Rosie Girl Quilting.



Most Scandinavian furniture pieces are designed using natural materials such as wood, stone, cotton, wool, etc. When wood is used, it is usually left in it's original state or finish so there aren't a lot of chemicals used to stain or paint them. While they use a lot of natural materials they also manage to be leading the way in environmentally friendly practices and standards for the industry. To me this demonstrates a huge respect to nature and the beauty it continues to provide for us. 



Purchase the Natural Harmony Quilt Pattern here!


Natural light is another huge element that is incorporated into Scandinavian design. The Nordic region usually experiences very long, dark winters. When you're stuck inside, you want to bring in as much natural like as you can. Using large windows and white paint they are able to bring in the light and reflect it throughout the space all year. 



I also love the connection to nature that the big windows facilitate. Your body can maintain a connection to nature throughout the day as the light changes throughout your house. It's like having an interior clock! I love constantly being able to see outside and never having to flip on a light switch during the day. 


 Purchase the Natural Harmony Quilt Pattern here!


While the Netherlands are truly known for its tulips and is not technically a part of the Nordic countries - I couldn't help be inspired by the shape. I love the minimalist look of this pattern and the simple repeating blocks. This modern quilt pattern can be assembled in two ways - two color or multicolor. I love both options! 



Take a look at these other fabulous versions my pattern testers created! Several of these are available as quilt kits in the quilt shops that are tagged in the title. Happy shopping! 



Lamb & Loom Fabrics:

Rosie Girl Quilting: 




Tacoma Fabric Co:

(This quilt kit is available in a throw size, but is shown in baby size.) 



Rose Petal Quilt Shop:


Pasadena Quilt Studio:

There are two kits available in this shop! I can't decide which one I love more!



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