Curved Corner Quilt Binding


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 The quilt pattern shown here is the Natural Harmony Quilt Pattern.


Have you tried curved corner quilt binding on your quilts yet? I'm now obsessed with this technique and want to bind all my quilts this way. This is a short and simple blog post illustrating how I executed my curved quilt binding. 


Start by squaring up your quilt:



Next, use this handy template to cut the curved corners:


Purchase your curved corner template here! 


To finish, bind your quilt as usual:



Personally I like to stitch mine down by hand. I can never get the machine binding to line up right and I hate seeing that extra sew line. There are no tricks to this part! Simple sew around the edges like your normally would! 



I found these binding clips to be helpful to sew it down. Overall I think this was easier because I didn't have to worry about perfectly mitered corners! I am totally hooked on curved corner binding. 


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  • Linda on

    Do you always use bias cut binding or did straight of grain binding work for the curved corners. I love the look and will definitely try it next quilt!
    So sorry for the loss of your fur baby, it is devastating even when they tell you it is time for them to leave. It has been almost 6 months since we said goodbye to ours and it is still so hard every time I come into an empty house or go sit in my sewing room as she was my constant companion. Hope the happy memories bring you peace.

  • Sandy on

    I’m missing the part where you must cut your binding strips on the bias so they will curve nicely around the corners?

  • MB on

    I’m assuming you have to use bias binding? Thank you!

  • MB on

    I’m assuming you have to use bias binding? Thank you!

  • Nancy on

    I really like the look. Are you using bias cut binding or is it cut on the straight grain?

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