Wool Pressing Mats

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 The blocks above are from the Natural Harmony Quilt pattern.

Have you heard about wool pressing mats? I see them everywhere, so I thought I would look into what they are all about. I got my Project Wool Pressing Mat about two years ago and have found several benefits to using it. Let's take a look!


Lightweight & Easy to Use

My wool pressing mat is only 14" x 14" and it is so easy to store! I keep mine on a shelf right next to my ironing board. I can easily get it out and add it to the top of my ironing board when I am piecing my quilt tops. 


 These blocks are from the Living Room Quilt Pattern.

Natural Material

Wool is basically built for this! Wool is durable and can take the heat of any iron. Wool also naturally insulates so when you are using a mat while you press it will press both sides of your fabric. The wool mat will absorb the heat of your iron and return the heat so that you are pressing both sides at once. This will save you time my friend!


 The blocks above are from the Natural Harmony Quilt pattern. 

Ironing Board Wool Mat

It's a little bit hard to find larger sizes of wool mats, but I recently added a large wool pressing mat to my ironing board. I'm in love with it! This was SO easy to do and now I'm always ready to efficiently press anything. 

You can find this ironing board cover here! 

This was a super simple process! Simply:

  1. Trace you ironing board
  2. Cut with your strongest sewing room scissors (The ones you hide from everyone else in your house!)
  3. Place it on the top of your ironing board
  4. Cover with your ironing board cover. It's best if your cover is a natural material like cotton. 
  5. Start pressing! 


So, do you think you'll try this out? I highly recommend using a wool mat with you press curves! I also like to use mine when I am pressing my half-square triangles. I just love how flat my seams are! You won't regret this investment. 


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    Tell us more about the ways you use your wood clapper/pressing bar!
    I love my wool pressing mat too…..

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