Three Ways to Mount a Wall Hanging

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How to Hang a Wall Hanging

By Katelyn Strader

Hi! It's Kate again from @kate.shea.quilts with another tutorial for different methods you can use to hang a quilted wall hanging. 



I love making single block wall hangings for the same reason I enjoy turning them into totes, they are a fun and fast project! Playing around with hand quilting can add some beautiful texture to the design, and I love working with different colours or fabrics that I want to try out before committing to a whole quilt.


Amy from Sewn Handmade has the perfect pattern for wall hangings, the Leaded Light Quilt Pattern! It's modern and would fit perfectly in any space. I have made it into three different versions so you can see how versatile the pattern is and give you three different ways you can hang them. 

Purchase your copy of the pattern here!


Begin by sewing a block from the Leaded Light pattern and quilt it, then choose one of the three methods below to hang.


Photo corners:

This pink version has 2 photo corners added to the top of the back of your quilt sandwich. Cut 2 - 5” squares out of your desired fabric, fold in half to make a triange and pin in place to the top 2 corners of your wall hanging. I like to do a zig zag stitch over them to help reduce bulk. Add your binding to the block as you normally would. I like to use a ¼ inch or 3/8 inch dowel, measure from side to side of each photo corner (not including the binding) and cut to that length (mine is 15 inches) and add twine to mount to the wall.


My blue version uses a sleeve to hold the dowel. Start by completing your wall hanging, including binding. I cut a rectangle 13 inches x 4 inches and hemmed the short side by between ¼ and ½ inch. Sew into a tube with the fabric RST and then turn so the right side is facing out, iron flat with the seam in the middle. Using a ladder or whip stitch, attach to the back of your quilt. I cut the dowel slightly smaller than the wall hanging at 14.5 inches.


In the brown version I used 4 loops, so the dowel isn’t hidden behind the back of the quilt. Start by completing your wall hanging, including binding.  Each loop is cut at 2 ½ inches x 4 inches. Hem the short side and sew RST into a tube. Turn right side out and iron flat with the seam in the middle. Fold each in half and attach to the back of your wall hanging using a ladder or whip stitch. I started with the 2 outside loops, marking ½ inch below your binding at the top of the project and butting it right up to the edge of the side. The 2 remaining loops I placed evenly between the others, in my project they were about 3 ½ inches apart. This time I cut my dowel a bit longer than my finished wall hanging at 16 inches. 


Ta Da! You have an amazing piece of art! I can’t wait to see your wall hanging hung around your home!


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  • Aimee E. DeRosa on

    How to hang a heavy quilt (queen-size quilt) on a wall,

  • Patricia on

    Being a visual person I would love to have seen the backs of the quilts with the photo frames and sleeve attached, but I am sure I can figure these out. Thanks so much for this blog! I like having options.

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