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Today is the day!! My last quilt pattern of 2018, The Brothers Quilt Pattern, is available today! Get it now by clicking here. Read on to hear more about my inspiration for this quilt pattern.

As some of you might know - we are expecting twin boys in Jan/Feb 2019. (I say that because twins don't usually arrive exactly when they are supposed to!) This pattern is designed for them!

Although the thought of twins is overwhelming we knew there was a 50% chance for us because we used IVF to get pregnant so we weren't that surprised. After a long road of waiting, tests, doctors and more waiting we finally received some answers last spring and knew this was our only option. We feel lucky to have been through the entire process once and be expecting two! 



I share all of this because it's a part of our journey into parenthood and while we were going through it we didn't know anyone else who had been. I want to be open about it so that if there is anyone reading this who might be facing the same road - they know they are not alone! Feel free to reach out and I am happy to share our experience with you. It's amazing how many people I have met since who went through something similar. Infertility really is much more common than most people realize and I don't think it is something anyone should feel ashamed to talk about.

Now that we have these two sweet boys on the way, I knew I wanted to design a quilt pattern with them in mind. I wanted to create a simple pattern that would allow for larger fussy cutting if needed. 


This pattern sews up super quick! It took me two days to sew up these TWO quilt tops for the boys. The quilting and binding took maybe one more day total (for both) !

I love that the 6" squares allow you to see big chunks of one of your fabrics. You could really show off some big prints with this pattern.

One tool that makes this pattern much easier to assemble is a 6-½" x 6-½" square ruler. Not only can you cut the 6" squares but you can also quickly cut the diagonal pieces as the pattern illustrates. 

For these first two Brothers Quilts I used Erin Dollars new Balboa Fabric collection for Robert Kaufman Fabrics alongside Kona solids. I wanted to make them each a quilt but not make them matchy-matchy. Our boys will be fraternal twins so they may look nothing alike - I can't wait to see! I don't plan to dress them alike so I figured I wouldn't make their quilts match either. 







After I finished these two baby quilts I wanted to make one more. So, I teamed up with Cottoneer Fabrics again and we came up with this gorgeous bundle of winter fabrics. I wanted something that I could throw on the sofa for the holidays without being too theme-y. I love the red and white combo and that the 6" squares allowed me to show off this gorgeous cardinal print. 




Again I had some fabulous testers for this pattern. Check out their quilts and the fabrics they used! I hope you find them as inspiring as I do!


First up - this lovely quilt top is by Kristin McCauley (IG: @watersidehearth) 


Next is this gorgeous quilt top by L.T. Milligan (IG: @panola.isle) - she used the new Art Gallery fabrics in the Sonata Collection. 


I love this purple scrappy version from Anna Boggs (IG: @akboggsie)


Here is another gorgeous quilt top from Julie Gehman (IG: @thelittlepineneedle)


Last but certainly not least - this amazing version from Rachel Amari (IG: quiltsforallsparrows) I love the way she cut the diagonal along the cityscape!


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