How To Clean Your Quilting Gloves


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Alrighty friends - time to clean those gloves! Half-way through quilting this lovely Playroom Quilt I realized the ink from the backing was rubbing off on my quilting gloves. I was horrified at first and cursed myself for not pre-washing my fabrics.


Ever been here before?! (Before photo! EEK!)



Not to fear! Today I am sharing a quick and easy fix. (Seriously, this might be my shortest tutorial ever!)


All you need:

  • Palmolive (or any other simple dish soap): I chose this one because there is to dye or color to it. 
  • Quilting Gloves
  • Sink


Step 1: Put on your gloves



Step 2: Squeeze some dish soap into your gloved hands. 



Step 3: Scrub! Scrub! Scrub!

Wash your hands just as you would without gloves. As we have all learned - you're supposed to sing the ABC's right? While not necessary for this type of hand washing - it does make it more fun! 


Step 4: Rinse and hang them to dry! 



Voila! You're done! Told you that would be simple. 

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  • Patricia on

    Great idea! Thanks so much. Love your backing fabric. What is it?

  • Colleen on

    Both pairs of my quilting gloves are pretty dirty. I never thought to wash them while wearing them! I can’t wait to try this!!! Thank you for sharing this!!!!!

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