Italian Tiles Sew Along: Week 3

Sew Along


Week 3 already!? Don't panic.. we are still cutting. There are a lot of pieces to cut here so I want to make sure everyone has time to get caught up. 


I cut all my pretty color and print fabric first and then do the background, border or binding pieces. Anyone else?


This week I'm doing the background. The cutting instructions outlined are pretty straight forward so I'll just leave you with one tip. When I cut these squares in half diagonally - I stack them up, line them up and then cut. It makes for a few imperfect triangles sometimes, but I'm never shooting for perfection really. As mama says, "If you can't see it riding by on a horse, it's not a mistake."



After everything is cut - move on to marking your fabric. On Page 4 of the Italian Tiles Quilt Pattern I have provided a template for you to mark your star points.




IMPORTANT: Make sure you double check the scale with the 1" x 1" square in the center. After you have make sure the scale is correct, you may proceed. 




It's pretty straight forward really.. you mark where you see the arrows. Voila! I use a temporary marker so that the dots will wash away once everything is assembled.


The next little bits you might want to mark are the little squares that will be used to create the star centers. I am using a different color for my star centers. The yardage for the pattern calls for the centers and points to match like the first two quilts I made. (These instructions are at the top of Page 5.)


Typically, I don't mark these. I just eyeball it once I get them pinned down and sew corner to corner. I'm a risk-taker - what can I say?! (Ha!) If you want to go the safe route, you can definitely make some guidelines for yourself like so.



Next week we will actually get to sew something. EEEk! So pumped! (You can't see but I'm jumping up and down over here!)


And for this weeks prize..... Another fat quarter bundle, but this time it comes with some neutral Aurifil 50 wt cotton thread. Yay! To enter, please share a photo of your progress on instagram, tag me and use the hashtag #italiantilessa 










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