Italian Tiles Sew Along: Week 2

Sew Along




Week TWO! Yay!

This week we are talking about cutting, organizing and marking your fabrics using the templates in the pattern. I am even going to use a little starch this time.


Cutting is pretty self-explanatory. I like to take it a little at a time. Start with one fabric, get that cut and then start the next if you have time. If that's all you have time for - cut another the next day and another the next. I'm all about bite-size pieces these days. My day-to-day is run in 1 ½" increments now that the twins are here.


Now, this might be silly, but I really find it soothing to cut my fabrics. I also find it extremely pleasing when everything is laid out perfectly and neatly. I keep all my pieces organized in piles. This also helps me start and stop more easily. When everything is in its place - I can quickly get started when I find a free moment. 



Keeping everything sorted will also help you out if you go scrappy. On Page 9 of the pattern, you will find guidelines for the scrappy version of this pattern. The guidelines basically break it down with per-block fabric requirements. Again, you can see a great scrappy version here on IG or here on my original blog post. This pattern works really well with scrappy quilts since there are fairly small pieces. Especially for the border of the quilt. 



Another thing I am trying this round is starch. I prewashed and pressed all my fabric. As I am cutting the WOF strips (as outlined in the pattern) I am spraying on the starch and then doing the sub-cutting.



In the past, I have tried applying the starch to the entire cut of fabric, but doing it this way instead has been much easier to manage. When I am spraying the starch onto the WOF strips - I feel like I am able to cover them more evenly. I'll report back at the end of the sew along with how well I feel the starch helped.


This week's giveaway - drumroll please..... 6 1/2" square Omnigrip Ruler! This bad boy comes in handy ALL the time for me. (It is especially helpful when making the Brothers Quilt Pattern. ) 



Just a reminder - to win this ruler all you have to do is post a picture of your progress on Instagram using #italiantilessa and tag me! Good luck!!




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