Italian Tiles Sew Along: Week 1

Sew Along


Woohoo! Let's get this party started!!

So, you've got your pattern, right? (If not - head here.) Let's get our fabric selected and supplies gathered. There are some wonderful online quilt stores out there. Cottoneer is offering 10% off when you spend $40 or more so go peruse her beautiful selection of fabrics. (Use code "italiantilessa")

Here are the fabric requirements so we can refer to the same things while we chat:



I am going all solids with this one. In the first two Italian Tiles Quilts I made - my star points and centers were the same fabric. For this version, I am going to have a different center color. The yardage requirement above is for star points and centers that are the same.

In my opinion - solids look fantastic with this pattern. I'll include a few mockups below.

 This is a mockup of the quilt I plan to make this round.





I'm not going to do the math for this, but if anyone would like you could also go this direction and make a pattern just like the marble Italian floors this pattern is inspired by!



I also love a small/medium scale print for the star points and centers. That's what I did in the image below. If you get too big with the scale for these I think you will lose a lot of the pattern. (Pssst... for more inspo check out the #italiantilesquilt on IG here.)



If that wasn't enough options for you there is one more - scrappy! Towards the back of the pattern, you will find a scrappy guide for this pattern. The pieces are fairly small for this pattern so you could get super scrappy if you have a bunch of tiny bits laying around. The step border works especially well for this! You can see a scrappy version here in my original blog post for this pattern release. One of my testers made a beautiful scrappy quilt! 

Ok - now for the supplies. Obviously, you need the basics: rotary cutter, cutting mat, ruler, sewing machine, iron, etc. Here are some additional tools that I found helpful: 4" square ruler, erasable marker, and rotating cutting mat.



I am also going to give these tools a try this round. Stay tuned and I'll report back next week to let you know my thoughts. I can't wait to give them a try!



This week's giveaway is a fat quarter set of the fabrics I am using for my quilt! Remember - to enter the giveaway simply post a photo of your progress, tag me and use #italiantilessa

Winner will be announced Monday, June 10th.



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