Italian Tiles Sew Along: Week 6

Sew Along


Week 6 is here and we almost have a quilt top! 


The biggest tip I have for you this week is - use your straight pins. I don't know if that truly counts as a tip since you are probably already using them :) 



As the pattern mentions, first lay out your pieces. You will first assemble your three columns so that your block looks like this:






Next is maybe the trickiest part of assembling the blocks. You will add your corner pieces. Here's how I do it:


First, I find the center of the triangle you will be adding as your corner. I fold it over and finger press to find a center.




Next, I find the center of the block where you are going to add the corner. I use the same finger press method.



I pin all four corners onto all of my blocks. Then, I sew around the blocks. For the Throw Size Quilt there are 12 blocks. In my mind that makes me feel SO good because I think, "Ok, I only have to sew around these twelve times and then I'll have all my blocks. Yay!" Thinking of it that way makes me feel like there are less seams for some reason. 



I am REALLY loving this quilt. I'm surround by baby things lately and this bright floral quilt makes me so happy! It will be a little something special for myself :)



Last step is to square up your blocks. As the pattern mentions, the only important measurement is the ¼" seam allowance around the outline pieces. The blocks will be close to 14 ½" square, but if they aren't exactly that's totally fine. Your quilt will still look fabulous and your points will match up!


That's all for this week. Next week we get those borders done and then we will finish up the quilt. So fun!!


This week's giveaway is some handy Threadcutterz tools and more Aurifil thread. I just LOVE the Aurfil threads. They go so nicely through my machine, the colors are fabulous and create a really beautiful finished product. Alright, I'll stop gushing. Good Luck!!







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