Italian Tiles Sew Along: Week 7

Sew Along


Can you believe there are only two more weeks left?! 


This week we are getting out borders assembled. If you prepped your pieces when you were cutting - this will go super fast. Gather your long pieces you have sewn together and cut them according to the instructions under Step Border Assembly. 


The most helpful tip here is to lay it all out just to really make sure you can see it all. It will help you keep everything organized and make sure you're attaching things the right way.


This is how I sew now. With the soft sound of white noise coming through the monitor. 



Now, depending on what size you are making, you might need to add an extra background piece on either end to make sure your borders are the right length. 


Once you get all those step pieces together you will attach your sashing. You may want to wait to trim your sashing pieces until you get your border pieces assembled and then cut to length that way. I also laid out my center blocks, border and sashing to double check the lengths before trimming anything! 


Find the center of each and then attached sashing onto either side of the border pieces. 




Next week we will be assembling the entire top and talking about quilting options. I can't believe we are almost done!


Yet again - we have a giveaway. Don't forget to post your pic so you will be entered to win! Good Luck!











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