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Introducing the Leaded Light Quilt Pattern! I have wanted to design a quilt pattern inspired by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright for a while now. I remember studying several of his buildings while studying Interior Design in college. It's been said that by setting the standard for Prairie Style houses he established the first true, American architecture. He advised his students to, "study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."


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Wright spent most of his childhood on the plains of Wisconsin. Inspired by the sweeping plaines, he designed some of his early houses with low rooflines and deep overhanging eaves. Inside the home there was a minimal amount of interior walls to promote openness and community. I love that this open plan concept has come back to the forefront of home building and renovation.


Another key aspect of his architecture is the long rows of windows. Later in his career he was greatly inspired by Japanese design. Taking a cue from the room dividing panels he designed incredible stained glass "light screens" for these interior and exterior of his buildings. Leaded light is another name for these stained glass pieces. From 1885-1923 he designed 163 buildings that included leaded glass designs of his own. 



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The Leaded Light Quilt Pattern plays on the idea of the cantilevered, horizontal lines of Wright's architecture. Although the pattern is very simple, depending on your fabric choices it can be very dynamic or simply neutral. A friend pointed out that this quilt kit from Cottoneer looks like you are looking out through stained glass at a sunset over the water and grassy plaines. 


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Frank Lloyd Wright started using term “organic” as early as 1908 after spending many years studying with his mentor Louis Sullivan. Wright adjusted Sullivan's quote, “form follows function” to be “form and function are one.” He saw nature working together to function and also be beautiful. In this same way he believe architecture could take inspiration from nature so that they could work together. Not literally copy the natural forms but to compliment one another. 



“The good building is not one that hurts the landscape, but one which makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before the building was built” Frank Lloyd Wright


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He believed you could change someones life with architecture. If he could design a home that would unite them with nature they could feel at peace with the world around them. Isn't that a beautiful notion? Complete serenity. He believed this could change the world.




I find myself constantly drawn to the serenity that nature has to offer. When I am feeling caught up in the chaos - I can get myself grounded with a few minutes of sunshine. Quilting can also put me in this meditative mindset as well. I hope you'll enjoy making this pattern as much as I enjoyed creating it. 


XO - Amy 





Now for a HUGE thank you to my pattern testers for this quilt release. I hope you find these as inspiring as I do! Several of these are also available as quilt kits. 


Kasie Milk (@MarmaladeMoodQuilts)

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Nuria curated this gorgeous bundle (@FabricStork

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