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Here we are with another addition of Weekend Refresh. Today is a super simple way to elevate the look of your woven bins.

Inspiration for this little tutorial was born because I couldn't find a bin I was happy with for our Mudroom. I searched for hours only to fall in love with a basket that was way too expensive and also out of stock.

So, instead I ordered six of Tahoe Storage Bins from Container Store and three pairs of these leather pulls from Amazon.


Find the center of whichever side you want to be the front of your bin. Poke the screw gently through the weave of the basket.

Attached the front of your pull and use a screwdriver to screw them together.

Just like that - you're done! There are several baskets and pulls that would work great for this tutorial. We are ready to get our storage bins filled and put away.

Here are a few more baskets I think would work well:

Here are also a few pulls that I love as well:


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