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Interior Design


This sweet family was about to begin their journey into parenthood and wanted to create a nursery within their guest bedroom. They had just a few existing pieces of furniture they wanted to keep so this one was fun to decorate with a lot of new things!


 A quick note before we start: All after photos you see below are taken by the one and only Nikki Caviness Photography


Ok so starting with the before - here are a few objectives:

  • Create a functional space that will fit their existing queen bed, but also a working nursery area
  • New bedding, window treatments, nightstands
  • All the nursery must-haves (cribs, dresser, glider, changing area, etc.)
  • Bright and airy new paint color
  • New sconces/lamps

Here is what I proposed as the new furniture plan for the space:

  • Breaking the room into two spaces will create one space that is mom + dad's and another that is baby's.
  • The crib will float in front of the windows with the glider right next to it for easy access in the middle of the night. There is also a floor vent that needed to remain uncovered along the window wall.
  • The changing table is also not far off for any diaper changes, and there is space in the corner for the diaper pale.
  • The rug will center on the crib on that half of the room.
  • The rectangle you see in front of the door is an existing floor air return so this space needed to remain open. I marked it on the plans to make sure we didn't forget!
  • As for the guest bed side of the room - it's pretty straight forward. There are nightstands on either side with wall mounted, plug-in sconces and new bedding that you will see on the decoration below.

Onto the Nursery Side decoration presentation:

  • Paint color: I sent several soft green samples to them directly from Sherwin Williams and they went with Quietude.
  • Window Treatment: Keeping the existing sheers I simple found a double hanging rod. The sheers will hang on the back rod and then I recommended these blackout linen drapes from Wayfair to hang on the front rod.
  • The glider and crib are also both from Wayfair and have excellent ratings! (I'm adding this glider to my own wishlist if I have have a need for another. It looks so comfy!)
  • There wasn't a ton of space for a changing table so this dresser was perfect! There is plenty of storage and space on top for a changing pad.
  • I recommended the hanging shelf from Anthro, but as you will see in the After photos this client found a really sweet piece of artwork from her favorite artist to hang instead. It's perfect!
  • The rug from Anthro is also a fun addition. Baby will love looking at that contrast. It's also a great price point so it won't break the bank! It adds such a fun pattern to the space without being too trendy.
  • I wanted to bring in some color that would tie in the natural wood floors and dresser so this crib sheet was perfect. I love the texture and color it adds!
  • The accent pillow from World Market is just another fun textural addition and breaks up all the white of the glider.

And now onto the Guest Bedroom side of the room:

  • They had an existing bed to work with so I dressed it up with some bedding. My client loved this bedding from Anthro. Unfortunately this color was out of stock, but the cream color she went with turned out beautiful!
  • The pillows add a fun texture and also tie in the darkness of the bed frame.
  • The nightstands dress it up just a bit and give mom and dad some storage if they need it.
  • I chose these wall lights because they are plug-in. No need for an electrician! Also, because they are wall mounted they won't take up any surface area on the nightstands. Win - win!
  • While I was shopping I also found these wood Acacai frames from Target that I thought would be a nice addition. As you'll see in the after photos she hung them over on the crib side which is perfect!

I love how this space came together! I am also overjoyed to have some professional After photos by my wonderfully talented friend - Nikki Caviness Photography. Check these out y'all! It makes my eyes tear up every time. She captures the space and this family so perfectly in their own home!

I love creating spaces for people that are approachable, beautiful and also functional. Seeing this family use this space with baby makes my heart so very happy.


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