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Ok this isn't actually an "interior" project at all, but I wanted to share a little about my design process for our recent patio extension. We have been dreaming up this patio extension since we moved into this house. This house is absolutely perfect for us and there are no changes to be made to the interior. However, we LOVE to be outside so we new we needed a more usable outdoor space. 





First, let's take a look at where we started. Here's the before:


(Do you see how cramped that patio is?!)


Our Wish List:

  • Built-in grill area
  • Extended patio with pergola cover
  • Fireplace 
  • TV

I sketched this out so that we could start reaching out to contractors:


( Originally we talked about continuing the pergola all the way around the corner, but ended up removing that from the project. )


The first thing to be crossed off this list was the fireplace. (Y'all... did you know outdoor fireplaces cost a ridiculous amount of money?!) Our builder talked us out of this idea because they don't give off much heat and they are crazy expensive to build. He suggested a wall for the TV, but I just hated the idea of a giant boring wall so I started to dream up some new ideas. 


After a few sketches here is where I landed:


I wanted to break up the wall so it looked like it was designed with purpose. I also really wanted to break up the site line with something organic like a fun plant. I designed two step downs on either side of the TV where we could attach a set of planters to incorporate that organic shape. I also added a bench across the front so that we would have more seating if we ever needed it. This adds more function and intentionality to the wall which I love! 


Dustin was in charge of the TV. We went with a Roku TV because we were already using the same one inside. Outdoor TVs are also very expensive and from his research - are not very durable. So, we opted for a regular TV with a protective outdoor cover. 



The furniture is where I got to have some fun! We still wanted a fire-pit or heat element so I started with a fire-pit in the center. On either side is a pair of outdoor loveseats. At the head of the seating group is a pair of these spectacular chairs from West Elm. (These are SO comfortable!) 




Our house sits on a corner so we have the option to wrap the house and use some of the yard on the side too. 



This was Dustin's birthday and Father's Day gift this year. It was SO fun to see the surprise on his face! He has been talking about having a putting green in his backyard since we met. 




I'm grateful to have a place to share these home projects AND quilt projects. We have been enjoying this space almost every day since we got all the furniture. We have had gorgeous weather here in Texas. Thanks for reading! 


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    I LOVE this idea! It has inspired me!

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