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This is the final quilt pattern in our Sewn Scandinavian Series! Can you believe it?! 


So, far in the series we have studied the concepts of thoughtful placement, harmony with nature and the close-knit relationships that are built with the design of Scandi homes. Today we are going to explore the concepts of Function & Flow - our patterns namesake. Let's jump in!




Scandinavian design at its most basic definition is functional, practical and minimalist. Architect Louis Sullivan is famous for his quote, "form ever follows function." This concept is practiced in Scandinavian homes for many reasons. 


Due to expensive properties their homes tend to be quite a bit smaller. So they make the most efficient use of their spaces by utilizing furniture that is multipurpose. For example, a bench that might also serve as a bookcase or shoe storage. Being practical in this way also carries through to the fact that they own a minimal amount of stuff therefore a lot of clutter is naturally cleared. This improves the overall flow while also providing function in every space. 



During their very long, dark six month winters they are trapped inside for the most part. If you were stuck inside that much you would want to be surrounded by a peaceful, functional environment yes? Neutral, bright colors like white are used throughout their homes to create a calming effect. Natural textures and wood tones are used to simulate nature and maintain that connection while they can't actually be outside. This is great for mental health as well! 


The function of every room and the flow of the entire house is thoughtfully pulled together so that they are efficient and comfortable. As we discussed with out last pattern - their homes are designed so that they have comfortable spaces for conversation and gathering with friends and family. These spaces are thoughtfully planned for function and flow. 



This minimalist, modern quilt pattern reminds me of this concept. The colors fade dark to light and back to dark again. I love the flow of that movement that is created. The blocks are also very simple to create but when pulled together a dynamic shape is formed. Every block has a function to the larger whole. 


I created a Function & Flower Quilt Kit of my own for this pattern releases as well. I wanted something slightly low-volume and more modern. I love how it came together! The longarm quilting by Sarah at Stitchmode Quilts is also perfection. I love her creative eye! 

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The baby quilt is perfect for any modern nursery! This quilt pattern also assembles super quickly. It's composed entirely of Half-Square Triangles and simple squares. For a few tips and tricks for half-square triangles check out this blog post. 



I hope you will love this pattern as much as I do! There are so many color possibilities! Check out these quilt kits - available now! 

Here are some more quilt kits available for some inspiration!


After I posted one of the first photos of this quilt someone reached out to me on Instagram with some information about a designer, Mirthes Bernardes, in Sao Paulo. I had never heard of this artist or seen these sidewalks! I can't believe the resemblance. My quilt pattern was designed based on my own inspiration from parque floors I have seen where the wood grain creates a pattern. However, now that I have been made aware of this designers story I wanted to share it here so you can learn more about her work as well!  



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