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The number one question I get asked is: "Where do you get the inspiration for your modern quilt patterns?" 


Pattern seen here is the Perfect Placement Quilt Pattern.

There is one simple answer: beautiful interiors. There are so many design elements that inspire me! 



Most of you know that the Italian Tiles Quilt Pattern is inspired by this ancient marble floor I took a photo of in a cathedral in Tuscany. Almost all the photos I took in Italy were of marble floor and tile patterns that could be quilt patterns! 

 Find the Italian Tiles Quilt Pattern here!



I am extremely inspired by solid fabrics and color blocking. I actually rendered this quilt top first, sewed it all together and then found this backing. They look like they were made for each other! 

I design my quilt patterns in solids - always. I love for the quilt pattern itself to be the pattern that you see on the quilt rather than being distracted by fabric with pattern on it. Occasionally I will use a patterned fabric as an accent on the front, but I will always balance it with solids. I prefer the quickly backing to be a patterned fabric if anything.  

 Pictured above is the Perfect Placement Quilt Pattern


I love to browse through modern artwork on Instagram. These beautiful, modern pieces by Sean J Thornhill are so inspiring to me! I love the balance of shape and texture. Browse through his Instagram feed and find some inspiration for yourself! They are incredible. 




I am constantly inspired by any of the photos that The Citizenry shares. I save them and try to design quilt patterns that I could see living within these beautiful spaces. I want my whole house to look like their Instagram feed! 

Can't you see this Living Room Quilt in this room?! I can! 


Area Rugs:

I love this runner we have in our upstairs hallway. Doesn't it look like it should be a quilt pattern!? Rugs can be so inspiring to me! 



I design all my quilt patterns in Adobe Illustrator because you can use exact measurements to draw the shapes. They translate directly to my fabric cuts so it is super simple! As I mentioned before I also always design in solids. I love the way the quilt top is the pattern you see. Obviously I also really love working in black and white! 


I hope you enjoyed this post and learned a little more about my design inspiration and also found a little of your own. Happy sewing! 


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